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I have a folder on my HD which contains parantheses in its name. Like: C:/stuff (really cool)/. The make $(wildcard ..) function does not work properly with this directory.

$(wildcard C:/stuff (really cool)/*.jpg)`

evaluates to no results at all. I guess this is due to the fact that the closing parantheses in the directory-name is treated as the closing parantheses for the $(wildcard ..) function. Escaping the ( and ) with a backslash does not work. What also does not work, is putting the directory-name into a variable and then using the wildcard function.

DIR = C:/stuff (really cool)
    @echo "$(wildcard $(DIR)/*.jpg)"

No results at all, again.

How should I properly escape the parantheses?

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The path separator in Windows is a backslash. Avoid assuming that a forward slash works in ancient tooling like this. – Hans Passant Nov 8 '12 at 14:06
Could you cut the knot with a symbolic link? – Beta Nov 8 '12 at 14:46

The following does not work, kept to warn others:

Special characters are typically "protected", or escaped, with enclosing quotes. To create a variable with parenthesis, you use double quotes.

DIR = "C:/stuff (really cool)"

In your case, the biggest problem is the spaces that will result in your path being broken down into several parts instead of one.

This works:

GNU Make lets you escape spaces with \\ so your call to $wildcard would turn into

$(wildcard C:/stuff\\ (really\\ cool)/*.jpg)
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That doesn't work for me. dir = "C:/stuff (really cool)" ;; foo = $(wildcard $(dir)/*); $(foo)is empty. – Niklas R Nov 8 '12 at 12:53

You did not mention in what kind of environment you are running, but both of the following print mechanism work for me from a regular DOS prompt as well as from msys/mingw:

DIR = C:/stuff\ (really\ cool)
$(info Files in subdir are: $(wildcard $(DIR)/*.jpg))

    @echo "Files in subdir are: $(wildcard $(DIR)/*.jpg)"

The double quotes around the echo-ed expression are only necessary for msys/mingw.

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