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I am having problems with NHibernate mappings. I recently added a new field(LanguageID) into a table(TPerson) and on adding this field into the mapping file then no binding takes place and no data is loaded into the application. When I comment out the LanguageID field then all works as desired

    <class name="TPerson" table="TPerson" mutable="true">
    <id name="Id" column="PersonID" unsaved-value="0" access="field.camelcase-underscore">
        <generator class="identity" />

    <version name="Version" column="Version" type="PF.Admin.Domain.DomainModel.Version, PF.Admin.Domain" generated="always" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />

    <property name="Lastname" column="Lastname" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Firstname" column="Firstname" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Gender" column="Gender" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Street" column="Street" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="ZipCode" column="ZipCode" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="City" column="City" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Phone" column="Telephone" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Fax" column="Fax" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Cellphone" column="Cellphone" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Deleted" column="Deleted" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="EMailAddress" column="EMailAddress" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Country" column="Country" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="Salutation" column="Salutation" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <property name="IsAuthorised" column="IsAuthorised" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />
    <!--<property name="LanguageID" column="LanguageID" access="field.camelcase-underscore" />-->

    <many-to-one name="Client" class="PF.Admin.Data.TClient, PF.Admin.Data" column="ClientId" not-null="false" update="false" insert="true" />

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"Having problems" is not really much information. What happens when doing what? Error message? –  Stefan Steinegger Nov 8 '12 at 12:27
Hi Stefan, I don't get any error messages but the mapping seems to be failing. I am using a single .hbm.xml file for all my classes (which has worked well all along). After I added the LanguageID into the TPerson table no data loads into the application. Thanks Stefan for noting this sometimes the hand types slower than the mind but I've edited my question to what I initially intended to ask –  Gary Magadzire Nov 8 '12 at 13:16
What SQL gets generated? Download a trial of NHProf and see. –  Rippo Nov 8 '12 at 15:32
ERROR: Could not compile the mapping document: PF.Admin.Data.Classes.hbm.xmlCould not compile the mapping document: PF.Admin.Data.Classes.hbm.xml –  Gary Magadzire Nov 9 '12 at 9:27

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Please, take care about my answer in cases that you are using POCO and there is a class TPerson (becuase it is like generic template name)

Well, the error provided in one of your comments:

Could not compile the mapping document: PF.Admin.Data.Classes.hbm.xml

should be followed by some other information, inner exception. Because you said that:

  • table was extended and has new column LanguageID
  • The mapping is extended as snippet above shows (if uncommented <property name="LanguageID"

The suspected at that case is that your entity was not extended with LanguageID. In that case your Exception chain could contain:

Could not compile the mapping document: PF.Admin.Data.Classes.hbm.xml ---> NHibernate.MappingException: Problem trying to set property type by reflection ---> NHibernate.MappingException: classPF.Admin.Data.TPerson, classPF.Admin.Data, not found while looking for property: LanguageID ---> NHibernate.PropertyNotFoundException: Could not find the property 'LanguageID', associated to the field '_languageID', in class 'classPF.Admin.Data.TPerson'.

Where most important part is: not found while looking for property: LanguageID ---> NHibernate.PropertyNotFoundException: Could not find the property 'LanguageID', associated to the field '_languageID'

So assure that your C# class TPerson contains (guessing type int):

private int _languageID;

public virtual int LanguageID
  get { return _languageID; }
  protected set { _languageID = value; }
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This is the code I have in the TPerson class and I still can't get results –  Gary Magadzire Nov 9 '12 at 15:01
Could you, please, provide the whole exception string. As in my answer. We will see more ;) and find better solution... –  Radim Köhler Nov 9 '12 at 15:02

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