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I have an example of accessing a cell in a Java POI worksheet:

CellReference cr = new CellReference("A1");
row = mySheet.getRow(cr.getRow());
cell = row.getCell(cr.getCol());

but now if I need the next cell in a row or another cell in another row, is there an easy way to navigate about the worksheet? Is there some type of increment function?

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There should be an iterator of some sort. In an older version of POI it was something like this: Iterator rowIterator = sheet.rowIterator(); while (rowIterator.hasNext()) { Row R =; Cell cell = R.getCell(1); }

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In the Javadoc of HSSFRow there is an iterator() function however it is for the physically defined cells.

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cr.getRow() and cr.getCol() are int so they can be incremented to return the necessary cell

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