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I've a query like this:

Listing.objects.all().order_by('-premium', 'title')

It works like expected, returns all premium classes first and then everything ordered by title.

Now I need to randomize only the order of the premium results. Is that possible?

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You can again use order_by to sort on title without premium

qs=Listing.objects.filter().order_by('-premium', 'title')
qs2 = qs.order_by('title') # will be sorted on 'title' not 'premium'

Or shortcut

Listing.objects.filter().order_by('-premium', 'title').order_by('title')

Note: I'm using filter() instead of all() as initial set.

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This way you're ordering by title in the second order_by. I need to randomize only premium results, not the rest. – Leandro Ardissone Nov 8 '12 at 14:04
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Ok, I think there's no solution in a single query.
So I've solved this using two queries:

premium_results = Listing.objects.filter(premium=True).order_by('?')
normal_results = Listing.objects.filter(premium=False).order_by('title')

results = list(premium_results) + list(normal_results)

Note: I needed a list as output, otherwise you can combine queries results using Django's Q object.

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