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I'm making an automatic instanctiation of an ontology. let says Person with his subclass FEMALE and MALE.

enter image description here

During the instanciation, I can create instances of the class FEMALE and MALE.

for example

OntModel model = // Jena model
String   NS    = // the name space

person0 = model.createIndividual(NS + "Allison", "FEMALE");

How could I add the fact that Allisson in person0 is also an individual of the class PERSON.

I know that a reasoner (Pellet for example) could help here but. But in my case there is a huge number of individuals to instanciate, so the reasoning step become too long for me (about more than 10 hours)

thanks for any help !

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Easy enough:

OntClass person = model.createClass( NS + "Person" );
person0.addRDFType( person );
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