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I want to upload picture to timeline of user or page. I am able to upload picture to users wall but it has created new album with my application name. But i want to upload picture to timeline album of user.

I have uploaded picture using bellow code

 var result = client.Post("/"+ id +"/photos", postparameters);
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Then you’ll have to get the album id first, and post the photo to that album. Will require additional permission. – CBroe Nov 8 '12 at 13:39

I solved it.I just filtered id of the album where I wanted to post picture & passed it in place if "id" of above code.

 var result = client.Post("/"+ album_id +"/photos", postparameters);
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you can get album id dynamic :

dynamic albums = app.Get("me/albums");

string AlbumId="";

foreach (dynamic albumInfo in


  if( == "Timeline Photos"){; break;}


and the you can use AlbumId to post in the album .

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msm2020 solution do the trick but don't forget to add the albums permission: user_photos

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