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I have this row filter text: "[Name 1] = '" + forename + "%" + surname + "'" which fails, but if I put the % at the beginning or end it's OK. Is there any way to achieve the same result (i.e. "any" string in the middle of the names)?

Full statement is:

dv = new DataView(MyDataTable, 
"[Name 1] = '" + forename + "%" + surname + "'", 
"", DataViewRowState.CurrentRows); 
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Just a free thougth, try:

dv = new DataView(MyDataTable, 
"[Name 1] = '" + forename + "%' AND [Name 1] = '%" + surname + "'", 
"", DataViewRowState.CurrentRows); 

EDIT: some documentation:

"A wildcard is allowed at the start and end of a pattern, or at the end of a pattern, or at the start of a pattern. [...] Wildcard characters are not allowed in the middle of a string. For example, 'te*xt' is not allowed."

My guess would be it's for performance reasons (?)

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Nice thought. Any idea why it doesn't allow it in the middle? –  noelicus Nov 8 '12 at 17:02

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