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I'm using mailchimp 1.3 in a Codeigniter application through this library.

I have this piece of code:

$birthday = date('m/d', strtotime('1984-04-29');
echo $birthday;
$merge_vars = array(
'FNAME'=> $profile_info['name'], 
'LNAME'=> $profile_info['lastname'], 
'birthday' => $birthday,
'GROUPINGS' => array(array('name' => $this->group_name, 'groups' => $this->group1))

$this->mail_chimp->listSubscribe($this->list_id, $email, $merge_vars);

The subscription works and in the administration panel of mailchimp I can see the user name and lastname, but no birthday.

In the api documentation it says it should be formatted as MM/DD and echoing the birthday I verified it was right. Any suggestions?

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Ok, I solved. I had to add a field for the birthday in the list settings as explained here:


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post code please! –  Mattias Nov 20 '14 at 0:18

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