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I'm trying to find information about how to select only certain fields of an entity using Spring Data (I'm using JPA). I want to select only specific information of an entity, the repository interfaces gives you the ways to return the information of the WHOLE entity!. Some times I only need 2 or 3 fields of an entity and returning 20,30, ...100.. fields may be a little overkill.

This kind of functionality is something that I would do using Hibernate Criteria Projections, or even JPA "SELECT NEW ...." queries. Don't know if it is possible with Spring Data.


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It seems that it's not possible yet. Checking the issue tracker, I found this. DATAJPA-51. –  yagamipaul Nov 8 '12 at 14:37

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What you can do is return a List<Object[]> from repository. Then in your service class iterate over this list and manually create the object you need. Sample repository method

@Query("select el.moduleId, el.threadId from ExceptionLog el")
public List<Object[]> tempQuery();
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