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I have a nice function that converts a (simple, duh) xml to an array, and to do so it uses the SimpleXmlIterator class.

It works quite well, but I'd like to make it accept not only xml source strings or SimpleXmlIterator objects, but SimpleXmlElements too since I use them way more often that iterators (that I use just in that function, actually).

What I did so far was

$iter = new SimpleXmlIterator($xml->asXML());

but to me it's like passing through Tokyo to get from Paris to London. After all, SimpleXmlIterator extends SimpleXmlElement, so is there a better way to convert a SimpleXmlElement object to a SimpleXmlIterator?

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Why not parse all your XML into SimpleXMLIterator objects to begin with if you plan to use them as such?

As far as I know there is not an easy way to convert/cast from SimpleXMLElement to SimpleXMLIterator. These classes simply wrap a libxml resource so you would think there would be a way to obtain a resource handle and pass it into SimpleXML* constructors, but if there is it's news to me.

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I figured that out from the beginning. But then again, why is there a SimpleXMLElement class, to begin with? The answer is the same. –  MaxArt Dec 8 '12 at 22:29

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