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We are trying to transform data coming into a route from java objects to XML. For this we need xmlBeans and there is a dependancy on DataFormatResolver.

When we try to deploy the project, the package does not start, the status shows as GracePeriod.

In the error log we get the following message:

 11:00:24,210 | ERROR | rint Extender: 1 | BlueprintContainerImpl 
 | 10 -     org.apache.aries.blueprint - 0.3.1.fuse-70-097 
 | Unable to start blueprint container for bundle POC-3.0 due to 
   unresolved dependencies (&(dataformat=xmlBeans)  

We have tried to add this class in the POM file as a dependancy, but there is a duplicate class within Fuse!

Any ideas please?

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You may have to repackage the jars to remove the duplicate classes. We've had to do this with the Tika jar since it included many dependencies that were stale, including XmlBeans, which conflicted with our classpath.

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You need to install the camel-xmlbeans feature first.

In the Fuse ESB shell you can type

features:install camel-xmlbeans

And then after this has been installed, you can install and start your bundle.

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