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Just started to play with Ember.js and by reading the code I encounter the following lines:

    insertNewline: function() {

as far as I understood insertNewLine is an event on clicking enter while inside the field, but looking in the documentation http://emberjs.com/api/classes/Ember.TextField.html I failed to find information about this event and other events of TextField as well.

Can anyone point me where I should look?

Sorry for such a noobish question.

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Not a noob question at all!

Ember TextField inherits from Ember's TextSupport. TextSupport is basically a class that can share functionality for text fields (inputs) and text areas.

If you take a look at TextSupport (https://github.com/emberjs/ember.js/blob/master/packages/ember-handlebars/lib/controls/text_support.js) you'll see a key map at the bottom of the file. This map will be queried on every key up event, trying to match a key to a function. The two default functions are insertNewline (enter) and cancel (esc). You can add as many as you want here.

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The keyUp and focusOut methods are also really helpful. I use them a lot for data validation type purposes on edit forms.


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