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Hi I need to extend the CListControl class in C++/MFC, which will add several new features in the list control, Any one have good sample code ? Or could you please tell me how can i start it ? Thanks in advance!

Or just write the new features and listControl into a ActiveX or COM ?? Which is better ?

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What sort of functionality do you wish to add? – Goz Aug 25 '09 at 16:15
for example: setDataSource and SetSQL, and it will automatically load data from database and generate the columns – MemoryLeak Aug 26 '09 at 0:18
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TO add functionality such as you suggest in your comments above I wouldn't even make a derivation of CListCtrl. It would make more sense, IMO, to create a CListCtrlManager class that handles things such as you suggest and then handles populating an associated CListCtrl.

Thing is if you wish to derive from a CListCtrl then it is USUALLY done for handling owner draw. There is very little functionality that REQUIRES a derivation. For example I have a derived list ctrl that provides row colouring based on certain information as well as a checkbox in the list view. To handle that I had to set the owener draw flag and handle list ctrl drawing directly, but you do not need to make a derivation to handle the functionality you desire.

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