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I need to localize my app into Indonesian language. My app's resource folder contains a list of "values" subfolders for each language, for instance "values-fr" folder.

But I read confusing information on Android developer documentation.

Note that Java uses several deprecated two-letter codes. The Hebrew ("he") language code is rewritten as "iw", Indonesian ("id") as "in", and Yiddish ("yi") as "ji". This rewriting happens even if you construct your own Locale object, not just for instances returned by the various lookup methods.

How to understand this? Basically, should I name my folder "values-in" or "values-id" so that it correctly displays Indonesian texts on a device with Indonesian locale?

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I think they mean that you can't base it off of ISO 639-1 (in this case that would be id), and you have to use in instead. – dmon Nov 8 '12 at 15:06
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Resource folders for Indonesian language on Android should be named:

  • raw-in
  • values-in
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