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I am trying to convert a XML string to a XML object in order to traverse its attributes and child nodes.

Something like this in regular C#:

However the System.Xml library of Script# is different than .Net's and I cannot instantiate a new XmlDocument (no public constructor).

Or like this with jQuery: How to parse xml using jquery

However I do not know how to call the non-static ParseXml(string) function in ScriptSharp's jQuery.


Got the ParseXml function to work with:

XmlDocument doc = jQuery.Instance.ParseXml(objDictionaryItem.Body);

But I get the error in WebKit:

$p1: "Object function (a,b){return new c.fn.init(a,b)} has no method 'parseXml'"

Any thoughts?

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As simple as:

XmlDocument xmlDoc = XmlDocumentParser.Parse(@"<note>
                                                <body>Don't forget me this weekend!</body>
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Got it working the simplest way :)

According to this post: I can treat a simple jQueryObject (var) as an XML file, as long as it is well formatted.

So if I my objDictionaryItem.Body variable is a well-formatted XML string like this:

        <TestParameterKey Key="132646912" DisplayString="Success">Success</TestParameterKey>
        <TestParameterKey Key="132646913" DisplayString="Downstrea">Downstream</TestParameterKey>
        <TestParameterKey Key="132646914" DisplayString="Upstream">Upstream</TestParameterKey>
        <TestParameterKey Key="132646915" DisplayString="Attenuation">Attenuation</TestParameterKey>

I can parse it using simply:

jQueryObject xmlDoc = jQuery.FromObject(objDictionaryItem.Body);

And use the same jQuery methods described here:

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