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I am trying to apply image filter to bitmap in Android. All my filters are stored in Photoshop curves (.crv) files, but it is not important.

According to https://raw.github.com/WeemoApps/filteriser/master/iOS/filteriser/filteriser/UIImage+Filterise.m (Objective-C code) it is possible to colorize my image "per pixel" using Lagrange polynomial factors:

newRValue = -0.000093*data[index]*data[index]*data[index]+0.031603*data[index]*data[index]-0.992382*data[index];
newGValue = -0.000058*data[index+1]*data[index]*data[index+1]+0.021061*data[index+1]*data[index+1]-0.620401*data[index+1];
newBValue = 0.000013*data[index+2]*data[index+2]*data[index+2]-0.004366*data[index+2]*data[index+2]+1.275243*data[index+2];

It is not hard to do the same thing in Android on Java, but it is too slow. I am searching for something fast (maybe something like ColorMatrix that works like code below).

Thanks for help.

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You say it's slow -- what are you currently trying? A common cause of slow pixel modification in Android is using getPixel() and setPixel() (i.e. one pixel at a time) instead of using getPixels() and setPixels() to get the whole pixel array, modify it, and then apply the changes. – kcoppock Nov 8 '12 at 15:14
You are right. And it is working great. Thanks! – alwx Nov 8 '12 at 15:55

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