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In JBossAS4, the MBean jboss.jca.ManagedConnectionPool allows to access, e.g., the number of used and the number of available connections of a data source. This MBean is no longer available in JBossAS7.

How can these values be accessed in JBossAS7? There seems to be a way: the JBoss Adminstration Console offers the values.

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OK on windows or Linux you can can use Jboss cli (client interface). This is on JBOSS AS 7.1.3

On my windows box this is what I did (My jboss home is C:\jboss-eap-6.0)

Execute the following batch file


It will take you to a prompt

[disconnected /]

You are disconnected at the moment. Type 'connect' to connect to the server or 'help' for the list of supported commands . Now type connect. for all other command try help. This will allow you to browse the JMX tree (May be my terminology may be wrong).

[disconnected /]connect


Lets say my data pool name is "OracleSampleDS" Then you can query the stats by using below command


Here is the output I got

    "outcome" => "success",
    "result" => {
        "ActiveCount" => "0",
        "AvailableCount" => "20",
        "AverageBlockingTime" => "0",
        "AverageCreationTime" => "0",
        "CreatedCount" => "0",
        "DestroyedCount" => "0",
        "MaxCreationTime" => "0",
        "MaxUsedCount" => "0",
        "MaxWaitTime" => "0",
        "TimedOut" => "0",
        "TotalBlockingTime" => "0",
        "TotalCreationTime" => "0"

In case you changed the hostname during jboss installation to anything other than localhost you can edit jboss-cli.xml

I tried the same command on linux by using

In case you have separate profile (mostly if you use domain mode) then specify the profile name as below.


Here the profile I was using in domain mode was "full-ha"

Once you are connected to the Jboss command line tool you can use few commands like

  • ls
  • pwn
  • connect
  • quit

(Try it out)

Also there is


The ports my differ please see your hosts.xml (in case you are using domain mode) or standalone.xml to see which management ports you have exposed by checking Look at the section that says http-interface security-realm="ManagementRealm"

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There is a MBean,xa-data-source=DATASOURCENAME_Pool which has all of the configuration attributes, but it does not feature statistics. According to this thread, the statistics are only exposed to the management API (http access with JSON export).

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