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Hey all im currently using a function to match pages with a pattern then returning the index of all those that match e.g.

(index1_match1(['Apple','banana','bananas','chicken','bana'],'bana')) will return (1,2,4)

at the moment i have declared an empty array and using the push function to add the data in the array is there any other ways to do this as i am not allowed to use a push function as we havnt been taught it yet

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If you can't use the sensible option because you haven't been taught it yet, then we have to guess at what you have been taught and tell you based on that, otherwise any answer could have the same problem. – Quentin Nov 8 '12 at 15:37
possible duplicate of Appending to array – Bergi Nov 8 '12 at 15:39

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myArray[myArray.length] = "newvalue";
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You can create an array in 1 line

var arr = ['Apple','banana','bananas','chicken','bana']

You can create an empty array and assign elements

var arr = new Array()
arr[0] = 'Apple';
arr[1] = 'banana';

You can tell your teacher they're an idiot, and that by reading and understanding a language rather than just repeating back to them what they've taught you shows intelligence and proactiveness. Disclaimer: Im not doing your detention for you if you take this route!

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You could consider using filter - the code hereafter delivers a subset of the initial array based on the filter term 'bana':

var mapped = ['Apple','banana','bananas','chicken','bana']
              .filter( function(el){
                          if (/bana/i.test(el)) {
                                this[this.length] = el;} 
                          return true;
//=> mapped is now ["banana", "bananas", "bana"]
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Did you miss the bit where the OP isn't allowed to use push? – Jamiec Nov 8 '12 at 16:22

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