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We have an image of some earth area like an image from google maps. For example, we know the coordinates (X,Y) of the image shooter in the plane parallel to the ground and it's height (Z). There is an object which start moving from the point (X,Y,Z) towards the earth by ballistic trajectory. We do know how the coordinates of object are changing in time (there is a model alike "aero_guidance" built via Simulink Aerospace blockset). We need to know how the image of earth will be changing when watching from the moving object. So how should we build a scaling function for the image? Any suggestions would be appropriate cause i'm complete noob in Matlab.


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What exactly is the problem that causes you to be stuck? If it is the scale i would say that making the scale proportional to 1/object height should be ok. –  Dennis Jaheruddin Nov 8 '12 at 15:51
Is it possible to make this scaling function as a block in Simulink (for example i found there "Resize" block) or should I write it by myself? Maybe there are exist any examples how to write such functions cause I don't understand how to use results from Simulink modelling in an external function... –  user1809667 Nov 8 '12 at 18:55

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