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I'd like to populate a hidden input with the values of selected checkboxes with a space between these values. I've tried the following which in theory should work but it isnt…


$(document).ready(function () {

      var vals = $(':checkbox:checked').map(function(){
         return $(this).val();

      // save the values to a hidden field




  <input type="checkbox" value="test1" id="test1"><label>Test</label>
  <input type="checkbox" value="test2" id="test2"><label>Test2</label>
  <input type="checkbox" value="test3" id="test3"><label>Test3</label>

  <input type="text" value="" id="tags">


Any ideas?

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it work just fine jsfiddle.net/vysZd –  Zoltan Toth Nov 8 '12 at 15:58
Seems to work for me to : jsfiddle.net/96qfB are you trying to update the result when a checkbox is changed as well ? –  adeneo Nov 8 '12 at 16:00
Your code is working fine, see here -> tinker.io/4384e –  Nelson Nov 8 '12 at 16:02

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:checkbox is deprecated

Instead of




Also none of the checkboxes are checked when the document is Ready .. Set them first and then try ...


  <input type="checkbox" value="test1" id="test1" checked><label>Test</label>
  <input type="checkbox" value="test2" id="test2" checked><label>Test2</label>
  <input type="checkbox" value="test3" id="test3"><label>Test3</label>
  <input type="text" value="" id="tags">


function Populate(){
    vals = $('input[type="checkbox"]:checked').map(function() {
        return this.value;

$('input[type="checkbox"]').on('change', function() {

Check Fiddle

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Thanks so much, this works exactly as I wanted! stupid me for running it on document ready :@! –  Nick Nov 8 '12 at 16:16
@Nick.. Glad to have helped :) –  Sushanth -- Nov 8 '12 at 16:17

You just need to change your selector and attach your script to some event. For example:

$('input[type=checkbox]').change(function() {

    var vals = $('input[type=checkbox]:checked').map(function() {
        return $(this).val();



See this DEMO.

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