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I am using XDebug to remote debug an application in Eclipse. I have probably not correctly configured Eclipse. When I start debugging everything works fine. But as soon as I submit a form, the debugger continues working but Eclipse does not seem to be able to map the server side files to my local files.

Here is the stack trace I see before the submit: [PHP Web Application]  
  PHP Application   
    Remote Launch (suspended) : lineno 12() at line 12 : lineno 23() at line 23 : lineno 325() at line 325{main} : lineno 106() at line 106   

After submit [PHP Web Application]   
  PHP Application   
    Remote Launch (stepping)    
      /stuff/share/websites/{main} : lineno 8() /stuff/share/websites/ at line 8   

Notice that the path after submit (/struff/share/website/ is server side while the path before ( is on my computer. The file and line numbers are correct.

How can I fix this?

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The disk on the server was mounted on a NTFS file system.

There was case error on the action URL (which was not discovererd because NTFS is case insensitive).

Eclipse's mapping strategy is case sensitive which means it did not map the local file to the remote file.

Fixing the case error solved the mapping problem.

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