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I wanted to ask if this function is correct. It should check if point is inside rectangle and if it is then print it out.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

typedef struct {
  int x;
  int y;

typedef struct {
  point A;
  point B;

int main() {
rectangle s;
point T;
printf("Enter rectangle A point x coordinate :\n" );
scanf("%d", &s.A.x);
printf("Enter rectangle A point y coordinate :\n" );
scanf("%d", &s.A.y);
printf("Enter rectangle B point x coordinate :\n" );
scanf("%d", &s.B.x);
printf("Enter rectangle B point y coordinate :\n" );
scanf("%d", &s.B.y);    
printf("\nrectangle - A(%d, %d), B(%d, %d) \n", s.A.x, s.A.y, s.B.x, s.B.y );

for(int i =0; i<2; i++){ 
printf ("X: ");
scanf ("%d", &T.x);
printf ("Y: ");
scanf ("%d", &T.y);

int is_inside(point A, point B){
if((s.A.x <= T.x) && (T.x <= s.B.x) && (s.A.y <= T.y) && (T.y <= s.B.y)) printf("Point (%d, %d)is inside rectangle \n",T.x, T.y);
else printf("No");
return 0;

Added whole code maybe it would be more clearly to you guys.

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This function is incorrect. It compiles, but it does not do what you want it to do*.

Mathematical conditions such as this one

x0 <= X <= x1

are written as follows in C:

x0 <= X && X <= x1

Your condition should look like this:

if (s.A.x<=T.x && T.x<=s.B.x && s.A.y<=T.y && T.y<=s.B.y)

* The result of comparing s.A.x<= T.x is then compared to s.B.x

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I corrected it, but why printf doesn't do anything? – AndriusK Nov 8 '12 at 16:27
@Atskalunas My guess would be that you are not passing in the right values. Set a break point on the line of the if in the debugger, and examine the variables used in the condition. – dasblinkenlight Nov 8 '12 at 16:29
On some letter for example: A, B it says not found in current context. – AndriusK Nov 8 '12 at 17:22

You can't use if (a<=b<=c) because it evaluates from left to right and it's causing you a problem.

first a<=b evaluates to either 0 or 1 which again compared to third term c

use a<=b && b<=c syntax

So, In your case it would be like

if ((s.A.x <= T.x) && (T.x <= s.B.x ) && (s.A.y <=T.y )&& (T.y <= s.B.y))

This statement says that s.A.x is less than equal to T.x and T.x is less than or equal to s.B.x AND s.A.y less than equal to T.y and T.y is less than equal to s.B.y

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  • You are missing function's return type

  • You need to evaluate the boundaries using

    ((s.A.x <= T.x) && (T.x <= s.B.x) && (s.A.y <= T.y) && (T.y <= s.B.y))
  • The other problem is: In your function's printf, you are recursively calling is_inside(A,B). Supposing the if condition turns to be true, you will get yourself in an infinite loop.

    printf("Point (%f, %f)is inside rectangle \n", T.x, T.y);
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@Atskalunas you need to printf your points, instead you are calling your function recursively. – bellati Nov 8 '12 at 16:29

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