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I would like to know how you use hyper-v and work inside your VM.

I am developer, and used to working with VM for my development environments. Until now, I was working with VirtualBox. Since I have moved to Windows 8, I wanted to try hyper-v but the experience is not as good as what I was accustomed with VirtualBox

For instance, I cannot work in full screen with hyper-v console. So I use Remote Desktop Connection as I read on many blogs. But RDC graphics rendering is slow and working in Visual Studio or Blend with it, is not really a pleasure. For now, I decided to get back to VirtualBox.

How do you access your VM? Is hyper-v really foreseen for that kind of VM or is it more for server like VM that you access only for configuration and/or administration tasks?

Many thanks in advance for your comments.

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in order to work in full screen with hyper-v console, I adjusted the screen resolution of the guest VM within the VM, by right click the desktop. and it works fun, hotkeys are similar to that of RDC. like ctrl+alt+delete become ctrl+alt+end

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