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How do I convert the following pseudo code into an array instead of a stack. The algorithm is intended to construct a digraph given a certain input:

  1. Scan the formula from right to left calling symbols on a stack until 2 consecutive node symbols appear on top.
  2. Pop off these 2 node symbols and the '*' just below them on the stack. Draw an edge from the first symbol to the second.
  3. Push the first symbol on the stack.
  4. Continue steps 1-3 until the formula is processed.

Here is a sample input and output:




*AB, *AC, *AD

'*' represents an edge

All inputs will be done using a scanner.

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Smells like teen homework. What have you tried? – Madbreaks Nov 8 '12 at 16:25
Doesn't really look like a thing you can do with just one stack, if you have to "pop" from the middle of the stack... (but very doable with an array) – bdares Nov 8 '12 at 16:30
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You have basically to performance operations on the array using the FIFO propriety.

public ArrayStack( )
        theArray = new String[InitialSize];
        topOfStack = -1;

Ever time you add an element to your array (push) you do topOfStack++; and insert this element on the "topOfStack" position in the array. By doing topOfStack++ you are keeping the position (on the array) that became the new top of the stack.

When you do pop (must check if the array is not empty) you return the element on array[topOfStack] and do topOfStack--;. Because the top is now the previous position on the array.

If you need more size to your array, when the stack is full (topOfStack == InitialSize) you have to create another array with more space like for example :

private void doubleArray( )
        String [ ] newArray;

        newArray = new String[ theArray.length * 2 ];
        for( int i = 0; i < theArray.length; i++ )
            newArray[ i ] = theArray[ i ];
        theArray = newArray;


Try to make it your self, you can check this to check out an array/stack implementation.

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A stack of limited size can be modeled using an array and an index for the "stack index".

Start the stack index at -1. On push operations, increment the stack index, and store the value at the corresponding index of the array. On pop operations, use the value at the stack index, and decrement the index after fetching the value. To access the top of the stack, read the item at the stack index.

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