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Is there a way to save/retrieve files from an android device, via the USB debugging mode. That means I want my application to get connected even if the Device is charging via the USB cable connected to the PC.

I think the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is capable of rendering this service, however I am not quite sure if it works, If it does how can I use it with C# to simply save and get some files from the SD-Card

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ADB can indeed accomplish that for you.

to pull a file from the device:

adb pull /mnt/sdcard/somefile.txt

to push a file to the device

adb push somefile.txt /mnt/sdcard/

(Note: obviously you'll need to replace somefile.txt with your own path and/or filename.)

I am not very familiar with C# but surely you could make something with that that can interact with the ADB binary to accomplish these tasks.

See here for a more complete listing of ADB functionality / syntax

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Thanks for clarifying that matter :) –  Xero Nov 8 '12 at 16:39

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