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Considering this model & data:

Ad_id + Date = primary key

    Ad_id  date   clicks
      3     8/10/12   124
      3     7/10/12   433
      3     6/10/12    99
      4     8/10/12    23
      4     7/10/12    80

I'm trying to group by ad_id to return the sum of the over all clicks.

in sql terms:

select Ad_id, date, sum(clicks) from ads group by Ad_id

The problem is the Django automatically do the group by for each field in the model, so the group by is not really working (because each row is unique).

Solutions I've already checked:

I know it is possible to do something like this:


But it is not good as it doesn't return the Ad Model, but a dictionary.

I can't use also raw SQL because it is not chain-able

Also I tried to set

MyQuerySet.group_by = ['ad_id']

Not working too..

So I really need to group by only by the fields I need, and that the result will be an Ad Model.

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Seems the Ad_id is not the primary key of the model, please post the model as is. Also, you can not select fields such as date w/o having it listed in GROUP BY – okm Nov 8 '12 at 16:54
@okm I updated the model. about the date: in MySql it is possible to run this query (it's new to me too). but it is not really the issue here. – YardenST Nov 8 '12 at 17:02

You can perform raw SQL queries using Manager.raw(), in your case that would be:

Ad.objects.raw('select Ad_id, date, sum(clicks) from ads group by Ad_id')

This method method takes a raw SQL query, executes it, and returns a RawQuerySet instance. This RawQuerySet instance can be iterated over just like an normal QuerySet to provide object instances.

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it can be iterated, but it is not chain able. I cannot do: Ad.objects.raw('...').filter(...).... – YardenST Nov 8 '12 at 17:18

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