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I have written a simple Java client to send a mail with an attachment to a mail address. Its a normal Java SMTP client with multi part file attachment.

There is a unique behavior happening which is eating my head for some time now. The issue here is that when i try to send an attachment from my Outlook the message is being delivered to the recipient successfully in recipients inbox. But when i send the same attachment through my standalone Java client its not getting delivered to the recipient(not 100 % sure, spamming maybe).The client is not throwing any exception also so its become very hard as to whats going on as i think the mail is getting delivered but not sure. The recipient email address is on a Linux box so don't know how to access it. please help me on this.

The Java client code is as follows

public class msgshow {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

    String host = "***hostname***";
    String from = "***fromEmailId***";
    String to = "***toEmailId****";
    String filename = "log.txt";
        // Get system properties
        Properties props = System.getProperties();

        // Setup mail server
        props.setProperty("mail.smtp.host", host);
        //Doing this for testing as the properties are being set by using default system user properties.If user authentication is required
        boolean authValue = true;
            props.setProperty("mail.user", "***username***");
            props.setProperty("mail.password", "***password***");    
        props.setProperty("mail.debug", "true");
        // Get session
        javax.mail.Session session = javax.mail.Session.getInstance(props, null);

        // Define message
        Message message = new MimeMessage(session);
        message.setFrom(new InternetAddress(from));
          new InternetAddress(to));


        // Create the message part 
        BodyPart messageBodyPart = new MimeBodyPart();

        // Fill the message
        messageBodyPart.setText("Here's the file");

        // Create a Multipart
        Multipart multipart = new MimeMultipart();

        // Add part one

        // Part two is attachment

        // Create second body part
        messageBodyPart = new MimeBodyPart();

        // Get the attachment
        DataSource source = new FileDataSource(filename);

        // Set the data handler to the attachment
        messageBodyPart.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(source));

        //before setting the file name we have to set the proper file name
        final File individualFile = new File(filename);
        String fname = individualFile.getName();

        // Set the filename

        // Add part two

        // Put parts in message

        // Send the message
        System.out.println("Message is sent");
    }catch(SendFailedException  e){
        System.out.println("------------ Send Failed Exception -----------");
         Address adr[] = e.getValidSentAddresses();
         for(int i = 0; i  < adr.length;i++){
             System.out.println("------- Valid Sent address" + adr[i]);

         Address adr1[] = e.getValidUnsentAddresses();
         for(int j = 0; j  < adr1.length;j++){
             System.out.println("------- Valid Sent address" + adr[j]);

    }catch(Exception  ez){



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Still stuck here with this issue. Don't have any help from the IT Team or configuration team. But have devised a work around using the Linux SenMail API to call sendmail from Java. But now my mails are being marked as *SPAM. Investigating. code to use SendMail in case any body wants to use it is as below. Process p; try { p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("sendmail vikeng21@gmail.com <file.log"); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } –  vikeng21 Nov 14 '12 at 11:07
Damn the SMTP HOST provided to me was an incorrect one. so much for a wrong info that was given to me at the first place. Everything works fine with the correct SMTP Host name. No need to use the Linux api from Java. The Java mail api is sufficient. –  vikeng21 Nov 27 '12 at 18:30

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