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I am facing a problem with the LEI windows Service.

Lotus notes Domino Server is the system component LEI - Service

Both are windos service. LEI is dependant on lotus domino server.

Past few days i am experiencing a weird problem, LEI service was not running, when i started it it makes the lotusnotes domino server to crash.

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I experienced several LEI issues in the past which caused domino crashes. A few suggestions: - does the server crash on a specific activity? What kind of activity? Can the databases this activity uses be accessed? - Check the LEI Log (leilog.nsf) when this is corrupt, create a new one. - Check your LEI Activities. All activities that were running or scheduled to run when the server crashed should be reset using the "Reset Activity" action (Menue actions - activity administration - Reset activity). - Logging: Do you use heavy logging? There is an option "Buffer log". I had issues with this when there is very nmuch information to be logged (it causes and OutOfMemory, because the log is buffered and not permanently written to the log document)

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Hi mruhnau, Thanks for the help! i managed to resolve the issue. The log file was corrupted and so it was causing the domino to crash when LEI was started. –  balaji Krishnamoorthy Nov 9 '12 at 11:43

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