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I have a table that look like this :

username | privilges 
user1       privilge1
user1       privilge2
user1       privilge3
user2       privilge1
user2       privilge5
user2       privilge3
etc ......

I would like to group privliges based on similarity in percentage to other user . for example in the table :
user1 and user2 has only 2 privilges in common (privilge1,privilge3) which are 66% . so if i search for similarities in priviges based on more then 50% it will group it like this :

user1  : privilge1 ,privilge3
user2  : privilge1 ,privilge3

Hope I was able to express myself well :)

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How many users ? If it is more than two, do you want to compare every user with every other user. If so, how should the results be displayed ? –  Gary Myers Aug 26 '09 at 7:19
there are 5000 users with more the 17000 privilges . i want to run a query against the table with different value for the comparasion percentage in order to define group of users based on their similarities and then create roles by it . this is why it had to be run for all users (compare privleges set of each user to other ) the percentage will allow me to define different groups (100% similarity is only one group) . the results should be show as list of users and their common privilges . Thanks , Zohar –  user162898 Aug 26 '09 at 14:32
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