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I've seen in some various IOS games Lua scripts being used for saving user settings, and data. I can't figure out how to do this myself, does anyone know of an open source project or example of how to achieve this?

Are people just re-writing the lua scripts programatically? Or is there some way in Lua to rewrite or save data in a lua script? I'm really confused on how this is achieved with lua. Please help me out!

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It sounds like you're trying to serialize data, like save files, that can be read back later, is that correct? You may want to look here – Alex Nov 8 '12 at 17:33
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Are people just re-writing the lua scripts programatically?

Yes, it's really very simple. You store your setting data or whatever in a table. You then write that table to a file using simple Lua code. The file you write is a Lua script that, when executed, returns the table.

So your script looks like this:

  setting = true,
  width = 640,
  height = 480,

The code needed to write such serialization is not difficult to write (so long as you don't have tables referencing themselves, directly or indirectly). There are a variety of implementations of this.

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So if I wanted a human readable file, that I could edit manually when necessary, I could use for example this one on the website: SaveTableToFile - save table to file/str; load table from file/str And it would simply dump the table into a file, including the name of variable and data? – AwDogsGo2Heaven Nov 8 '12 at 19:52

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