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To meet my expectation, I have tried this code in fontweight expression as well as field value expression


I end up with an exception

Error BC30518: Overload resolution failed because no accessible '=' can be called with these arguments

Please help.

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You are missing .Value in expression .
It should be =iif(Fields!RATE_SELECTED.Value="A","Bold","Normal") Also it should be "Bold","Normal" instead of "BOLD","NORMAL"

and [due to some SSRS bug] if you try this and it still doesn't work,then the TRICK is:

Try first clearing the previous values and Click OK >> OK till you again reach the Report Designer screen.

From here again right click your report item, say TextBox, right click >>TextBox properties >>Font>> fx (near Bold) and when you here

enter image description here

then instead of manually writing the full expression write only =iif( then click on Fields [see fig] and choose RATE_SELECTED ,similarly click on Constants and double click Bold, and then Normal
then finally with manual edit your final expression should be like



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Thanks! U saved my time – HSQL Jul 12 '13 at 18:48

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