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I'm trying to use the Google Maps web service.

When directly in my browser I am entering this URI I get a LOCATION_TYPE which is APPROXIMATIVE with "formatted_address" : "44000 Nantes, France",

And if I enter this I get a good result with a location type : rooftop...

But when I enter the same address in google maps ( Cookoo, 12 Rue de Rieux, Nantes, there is no problem google maps find the place with no issue...

What am I doing wrong ?

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The entry "Cookoo, 12 Rue de Rieux 44000 Nantes France" is in the Places database, but not in the Geocoder database; you can get that result by querying the Places API

Enter the string above in the search box on this test page

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Thanks !!! But I thought the places API was expecting a lattitude and a longitude parameters ? – user1809984 Nov 8 '12 at 17:54
There are lots of interfaces to Places data, in the Places API, Search, AutoComplete, etc., there is also support for queries built into the Google Maps API v3. – geocodezip Nov 8 '12 at 18:00

I think the geocoder in the Google Maps API is just for addresses, so when you add in a business name like 'Cookoo', that will throw it off a little. To search businesses, you might try the Google Places API, which is supposed to look up this information.

Google Maps the website, on the other hand, is product that combines a lot of services, so it can do the business search as well as handle the address.

Maybe your workflow could be Address --> Geocoder --> Lat/Lon --> Places

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