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My Table data

id      fieldId  Name   Text
----    ------  -----   ----
1        101    name1   a1
2        102    name2   a2
3        101    name1   a1
4        103    name3   a2
5        102    name2   a3
6        101    name1   c1
7        101    name1   a3
8        102    name2   
9        101    name1   b2
10       103    name3   c1

I need out put like

Name    Count(fieldId)  Count_id_text_is_either_a1_or_a2_a3
------      ------        -------
name1   4                   2
name2   3                   2
name3   2                   1

Name = I need to group by fieldId.

Count(fieldId) = Count each group records.

Count_id_text_is_either_a1_or_a2_a3 = This is the coloum I want the count of records of group only if Text like 'a1-%' or 'a2-%' or 'a3-%'.

Can this be done by single query? if yes the please explain how? if no then what is the most effecient way to do this?

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Your data sample consists of 10 rows, but the total of Count(fieldId) in the expected output is 9. More specifically, it's name1 that seems miscounted: there are 5 entries in total, and 3 contain a... values, but you've shown, accordingly, 4 and 2. Do you only need to count distinct Text values, perhaps? (in both cases?) –  Andriy M Nov 8 '12 at 20:24

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select Name, 
    count(*) as CountAll, 
    count(case when Text like 'a1-%' or Text like 'a2-%' or Text like 'a3-%' then 1 end) as CountA1A2A3
from MyTable
group by Name

You could also use a RegEx if you wish.

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That the correct answer. +1 but I forget to say that i need co compare fieldID by like operator also... can you help in that...? see my updated question –  Champ Nov 8 '12 at 17:28
@Champ see my update above –  RedFilter Nov 8 '12 at 18:02


    COUNT(*) AS 'fieldId',
    COUNT(IF(`Text` REGEXP '^a[1-3]',1,NULL)) AS 'a1a2a3'
FROM (SELECT * FROM `items` GROUP BY `Name`,`Text`) t1
GROUP BY `Name`;
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