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i'm using express.session() in my express app so i've created a middleware for authentication user before sending them to '/' my code is :

var express = require('express');

  app.use(express.cookieParser('keyboard cat'));
  app.use(express.session( {secret : "my secret"}));

var accessChecker= function(req,res,next){
    if (req.session.user.name && req.session.auth){
app.get('/',accessChecker(), routes.index);

When i run this code i get this message :

if (req.session.user.name && req.session.auth){
TypeError: Cannot read property 'session' of undefined

i've tried to put accessChecker function before app.configure and to use express.cookieParser() and express.session() inside acessChecker function but always i get the same message !

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You are invoking the accessChecker function rather passing a pointer to the function. This will fix the problem:

app.get('/', accessChecker, routes.index);

For more examples see the documentation. I'd also suggest looking at passport if you want to do authentication.

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