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I am working on a project that needs to be integrating SAML2.0. I was thrown into this project suddenly, i need to make it work. Here is the background: We have created the files and wanted Client Company to integrate using SAML2 to get to our web site. We have sent them the meta datafile.

Now the client company had sent their metadata file. I dont know how and what to do with that file. Any help will be appreciated.

ASP.NET, Framework 4.0

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The metadata file basically provides you information of your client. Such as entityID, credential, and so on. If it is an IdP then it also contain couple URLs so that you know where to send different request, e.g. login request, attribute query request. You need to give this metadata to your SAML component so that it know which client it should talk to.

Another main purpose is to establish a trust relationship between SP and IdP.

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Thanks, Where should i provide that info. Sorry for being ignorant. – user1621009 Nov 8 '12 at 18:44
I meant how to give metadata to the saml component? – user1621009 Nov 8 '12 at 18:53
It depends on how you implemented you saml component – performanceuser Nov 8 '12 at 22:53

It's kind of old question but I would like to add some additional information and resources for .NET.

SAML Metadata is used to exchange configuration information between Service Provider and Identity Provider and vice versa. The information can include:

  • Binging location
  • Organization name
  • Contact Person
  • Single Sign On Url
  • Single Logout Url

The Metadata can be signed and encrypted so that the information is sent securely. The other side may need the corresponding public key to validate and decrypt it and then can be used to understand and establish the connection with the SP or IdP.

You can see some more info at the following blog posts:

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Take a look at the metadata SAML 2.0 specification to check what elements must be read by your implementation.

If you are looking for a SAML2 .Net Tookit, take a look to this thread of stackoverflow

Also take a look on SAML open source implementations to learn how others resolved this problem before:

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Metadata is nothing but the xml file containing all the information required by your SAML implementation to talk with host. you can extract information from this meta to get the desired information required. Like public/private keys. I hope you are also using certificate to talk with host on secure manner. This key is required for handshaking with unknown host system.

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