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I created a git repository from an existing SVN repo. In the SVN structure, I have the trunk and one branch (say, branch_01). The trunk is at the Revision 8, and the branch code, despite the changes, is updated until revision 4.

After I fetched the SVN repo into a git one, I ended up with the following structure in my git repo:

trunk      A(4)------B(6)---------C(8)

branch_01       D(5)--------E(7)---------F(9)

My question is, how to I rebase branch_01 for the git repo structure be like this?

trunk      A(4)------B(6)---------C(8)
branch_01       D(5)--------E(7)---------F(9)

Thanks in advance.

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if you use git-svn, better never touch commits with git-svn-id signature. – Dmitry Pavlenko Nov 8 '12 at 18:50

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Given your diagram above, where A(4) is 2 commits before the current trunk C(8):

git rebase --onto trunk~2 branch_01

If the diagram provided is simplified, it would probably be easier to find the explicit hash for the revision 4 commit, and then use that in place of trunk~2 in the command above.

Note Dmitry's warning: only do this if you are abandoning the SVN repository. If you intend to continue using git-svn, you don't want to do this.

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