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I am running some javascript inside a rails 3 app using therubyracer and v8

If anything goes wrong, the error message gets sent to me via email through the usual rails 3 exception notification process.

However, the error message I get back is pretty vague and the stack trace doesn't go into the javascript file itself. This is understandable, but makes it pretty hard to debug. Here's an example:

V8::JSError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined

lib/libraryname.rb:32:in `function_that_calls_v8'
lib/libraryname.rb:18:in `fetch_and_update'
app/models/listing.rb:34:in `fetch'

Is there a way I can expose the javascript stacktrace so that when an exception is thrown so that I can tell what line inside the javascript is borking? (at the very least, get the line number)

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Firstly, if an exception has occured in rails only then are you gettin this stacktrace hence there is no stacktrace in javascript for you to see. You can use something like firebug (add on that i use in firefox) and put debug points in your javascript. Install the add on, click on it...go to the script column, you can find you javascript and mark debug points so you can easily check all the data in there.

Hope this helps.

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