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I have a simple jquery UI dialog which is triggered by a button.

function OpenGeneratePINsDialog() {


What I want is to display numbers next the labels. Now it is not displayed in-block.

<div id="generateDialog" title="Generate New">
<label style="display:inline-block; width:200px;">The number generated: </label><div id="numberGenerated">1</div>
<br />
<label style="display:inline-block; width:200px;">ID+PIN</label><div id="combinationIDPIN">2</div>
<br />
<label style="display:inline-block; width:200px;">Same as ID</label><div id="SameWithID">3</div>

The image: image

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If you want to use div, div are by default setted to display:block;

Set it to inline-block and you are just fine.

<div id="numberGenerated" style="display:inline-block;">1</div>
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Use an inline element for the number, like a "span".

<span id="numberGenerated">1</span>
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<div id="generateDialog" title="Generate New" class="mystyle">
<label>The number generated: </label><div id="numberGenerated">1</div>
<br />
<label>ID+PIN</label><div id="combinationIDPIN">2</div>
<br />
<label>Same as ID</label><div id="SameWithID">3</div>


.mystyle label, .mystyle div {

.mystyle label {
  width:200px; /* or whatever size you want them */
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