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When setting the scrollTop and scrollLeft parameters in Safari 6 simultaneously, only one of both gets executed, scrolling the page only over one axis. This happens both using native JavaScript, jQuery and the jquery.scrollTo plugin.

Example using jQuery's .animate():

    'scrollLeft': 100,
    'scrollTop': 100
}, {
    'duration': 500,
    'easing': 'swing'

I've set up a demo page here: http://nabble.nl/demo/safari6scrollto/

All examples work fine in all major browsers as expected, in Safari 6 only example no. 4, 6 and 7 work. Somehow, when loading the demo page in an IFRAME (see bottom of demo page), everything works just fine.

Is this a bug in Safari? If so, how to work around this issue? If not, what is causing it and how can this be resolved?

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I needed to get the jquery.scrollTo plugin working on OSX Mountain Lion, and since I couldn't find the specifics on what is causing this behaviour, I put together a rather ugly workaround. It uses window.scrollTo(x, y) in the step function of jQuery's .animate(), which gives no problems in Safari 6:

var left;
    'pageXOffset': 100,
    'pageYOffset': 100
}, {
    duration: 500,
    easing: 'swing',
    step: function(now, fx) {
        if (fx.prop == 'pageXOffset') {
            left = now;
        } else if (fx.prop == 'pageYOffset') {
            window.scrollTo(left, now);

Please note that the step function is called for every animated property, for every element the animation is applied on (in our case just 1: window). Hence the intermediate variable to store the current X position in the animation.

It uses the pageXOffset and pageYOffset properties of the window object, so I don't know how suitable this workaround is for animating the scrollLeft and scrollTop properties of non-window objects.

Anyway, it works for scrolling the entire document, which was all I wanted, and does so very smooth in Safari 6, too!

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Oh and, a quick fix on the jquery.scrollTo plugin: nabble.nl/demo/safari6scrollto/scrollto.js –  hongaar Nov 8 '12 at 19:19

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