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I've been working on my first iOS app and I finally have something that works like I intended. This app reads in an XML file, parses that data and displays what needs to be listed - a list of profiles actually. What I want to do know is have the app check a web service (I'll code this in PHP) and retrieve this XML file.

So my question are: What is the best practice for handling this? Should I keep my data in an XML file or use something else (JSON I think)? What are the standard approaches a more experience developer would take?

What I envision is there's a web site that a user can enter their information in, which then stores their profile information in a database. Then the web service simply pulls this data and provides it to the phone.

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For new developers, YouTube is your friend. This is the one I found most useful for XML parsing. –  GeneralMike Nov 8 '12 at 20:07
If you already got the NSXMLParser working, that's the hardest part. The first part of the tutorial I linked goes though how to send a request to a Webserver and what to do with the response to send it to your parser. I haven't used JSON, but I know there are tutorials for that all over YouTube too. –  GeneralMike Nov 8 '12 at 20:10

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Whether it is json or xml, never retrieve data on main thread. It'll make your app's UI unresponsive.

Her is two tutorials which will help you alot.

  1. JSON
  2. XML
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