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I want to be able to list the installed modules and their version number on my Python Enthought distribution. When I open the terminal and type

$ help('modules') 

i get

>> no Python documentation found for 'modules'

if I do the same for my standard python distro on the mac (/usr/bin/python/) it works fine although I am still missing the module version.

Any idea how to properly list all the installed modules and their corresponding version?

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To list all modules:

import sys
print sys.modules

for the version information ... that's a bit tricky. Because if this information is not provided by the respective package/module you relay on the underlying packaging mechanism.

if you use pip you could do a pip show or freeze or you could use yolk.

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Great! pip freeze is what I was looking for. Installed pip and tried and works great. –  spacemig Nov 8 '12 at 21:26
glad i could be of use ;-) –  Don Question Nov 8 '12 at 22:11

You might be looking for the enpkg command. Running

enpkg -l

from the command line will list all packages installed in EPD with version information.

Here is more info on enpkg:


Regarding help('modules') itself: It was deliberately disabled in Enthought's Python because it reliably caused segfaults with a standard set of EPD packages (among other reasons).

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