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I am trying to bind my first 3th party library to my monotouch project. Most of the binding works, but I am having trouble with binding Objective C Class Extensions. I am aware of the part "Binding Class Extensions" in the Binding Objective-C Types document, but unfortunately it didn't help me out.

these are the 2 extension I am trying to bind:

// category on UIViewController to provide access to the viewDeckController in the 
// contained viewcontrollers, a la UINavigationController.
@interface UIViewController (UIViewDeckItem) 

@property(nonatomic,readonly,retain) IIViewDeckController *viewDeckController; 


// category on WrappedController to provide access to the viewDeckController in the 
// contained viewcontrollers, a la UINavigationController.
@interface UIViewController (WrapControllerItem) 

@property(nonatomic,readonly,assign) WrapController *wrapController; 


And this is the way I am trying to bind them:

[BaseType (typeof(UIResponder))]
interface UIViewController
    [Export ("viewDeckController", ArgumentSemantic.Retain)]
    IIViewDeckController ViewDeckController { get; set; }

    [Export ("wrapController", ArgumentSemantic.Assign)]
    WrapController WrapController { get; set; }

And then when I am trying to compile this in my application:

public partial class AgendaView : UIViewController

I am getting the following error:

'UIViewController' is an ambiguous reference between 'MonoTouch.UIKit.UIViewController' and 'ViewDeck.UIViewController'

I've tried to search the web for a solution for this but I couldn't find it, so I would be pleased if anyone could help me any further.

Thanks in advance

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Any luck Guido with this one? I think I am stucked on the same third party library mapping :-( – Stefan de Vogelaere Nov 19 '12 at 9:28
Trying to do the same thing, any luck guys? – Julien Pierre Feb 16 '13 at 14:48
Hi guys, sorry late response.. but I got stuck on this. I finally found some other component that was written in C# that I could use. But I believe Xamarin made it easier right to do this see link: Objective Sharpie – Guido Kersten Jun 24 '13 at 7:07

You'll have to specify the namespace. Either explicit:

public partial class AgendaView : MonoTouch.UIKit.UIViewController
public partial class AgendaView : MyBindingsNamespace.UIViewController

or by using:

using MyBindingsNamespace;
public partial class AgendaView : UIViewController
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Hi, thanks for you reply. But that's not the solution because: - when I use MonoTouch.UIKit.UIViewController then my property ViewDeckController is not available for my AgendaView. - when I use ViewDeck.UIViewController then all methods from the MonoTouch.UIKit.UIViewController are not available.. So I want the property ViewDeckController { get; set; } to be an extension of the UIViewController class. – Guido Kersten Nov 8 '12 at 21:50

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