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I have a sparse data which has a covariance with range (also known as correlation length) h and sill c (same as variance) at coarse grid scale of 3x3. This link gives a general idea about what covariance, sill and range (or correlation length) mean. I want to downscale the coarse scale covariance (and, hence, the data) to find fine scale covariance on 9x9 grid size. This technique is sometimes referred to as image sharpening in image processing. However, my application is for earth sciences. A covariance model, for example, can be exponential which is as shown following: enter image description here

This can be done as keeping the covariance between different lags on coarse scale equal to the average of all the covariances on lags at fine scale defined within the coarse scale. This is shown in the following sketch: enter image description here

The above equality in covariance has to be satisfied for all lags on coarse scale i.e. for I-II, I-III,...I-IX,II-III,...II-IX,...,VIII-IX. The equality in covariance can be achieved by perturbing the range of covariance on fine scale, say h'. The sill of covariance on fine scale will be c/9.

Can someone help in implementing this in Matlab? Thanks!

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So do you want to get the finer grid from the coarser grid or vice versa? –  Eitan T Nov 8 '12 at 20:24
Finer grids from coarser grids. –  Pupil Nov 8 '12 at 20:31
Am i correct that sill is a synonym for variance in this context? If not, what does it mean? –  Dan Becker Nov 8 '12 at 23:15
Speaking at someone coming from outside the field, this doesn't contain nearly enough information to give an answer. Are you trying to perturb the data values so that this coviance condition holds on the small scales? Is there a unique answer to the problem? Is there a specific algorithm you need help implementing, or are you asking us to come up with the algorithm? If what you are doing is equivalent to "image sharpening for image processing", why can't you find some image processing code that works, and either use it or port it? –  Dan Becker Nov 8 '12 at 23:15
The additional information helps, but not enough so that I understand what you are trying to do. Again, are you looking for help coming up with an algorithm, or do you have an algorithm in mind, and want help coding it (or want help finding an existing implementation)? If it's the algorithm that you need, I think it would be helpful for us (as well as for you!) to explicitly write down full equations for the condition that you want to meet, and specify very clearly what parameter you want to adjust in order to meet them. –  Dan Becker Nov 9 '12 at 0:22

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