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in ExtJs I have a combobox and several fields on the same form. I want the fields, which start out disabled, to become enabled based on selections in the combo box. In order to do that I have the following:

listeners: { change: {
                    fn: function (combo, newValue, oldValue, eOpts) {
                        if (newValue == "amz") {
                            var amazonFields = this.up('panel').query('#amz1, #amz2, #amz3');
                            amazonFields[0].disabled = 'false';
                            amazonFields[1].disabled = 'false';
                            amazonFields[2].disabled = 'false';

The code works as I expect it to, but the fields stay disabled, can anyone tell me why? Thank you!

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The disabled property of the field is read-only. To change its state you need to call the setDisabled or disable methods.

Also, 'false' is not the same as false in JavaScript.

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