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I am developing web application which consists of a Silverlight application and a REST API. An optional use case is that the customer may also want to integrate with Salesforce. By "integrate" I mean utilize SSO with Salesforce when logging into my application as well as access data via Salesforce's REST API. The current hurdle I can't seem to get over is that SSO uses WS-Federation while Salesforce's REST API uses OAuth 2.0. What is the best way to being these two authentication mechanisms together?

My knee-jerk reaction was for my Federation Provider STS to acquire an OAuth access token from Salesforce and add it as a claim to the security token received from Salesforce's Identity Provider STS, but I think this might require me to write a custom STS. I'd rather not do that. Is there a better way?

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This question is old but comes up often, so ... There is now information on how to do this here


This approach uses WS-Fed.

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