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these are the steps:

  1. downloaded:
  2. extracted to c:\instant_client_11_2
  3. downloaded:
  4. extracted to c:\instant_client_11_2 (the same dir from step 2)
  5. via cmd: odbc_install
  6. getting "oracle odbc driver with the same name already exists"

i've tried with instantclient-basiclite-windows.x64- in step 1 instead. getting the same error

Interesting facts:

  • i had the XE edition installed too, uninstalled it, deleted manually the C:\oracleXE folder, rebooted, retried steps 1-6 and still no joy. As far as i can tell there is no other oracle product (besides java) running on my machine.

  • Using windows 7


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1 Answer 1

via cmd launched as administrator: odbc_install

This should do the trick and print Oracle ODBC Driver is installed successfully

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