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I am running Jmeter tests using Jmeter Maven Plugin. After I run the test I want to generate simple reports that indicate if the tests passed/failed. I referred to

Jmeter: how to create summary report from JTL file?

for generating the reports. I have added a shell script to generate html reports from the jmeter jtl result files.Then I use the exec-maven plugin to execute the script that in turn generates the html report files.So far Everything works fine. The problem that I am facing is that if one of the Jmeter tests fails then the report isn't generated at all. So I am assuming that maven exits once it detects error in the test-suites and doesn't execute the exec-maven plugin and hence the shell script isnt called at all.

Can someone give me directions on this? Is there any property in the pom file or any settings that I can try to get around this. Any help would be truly appreciated!

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You can set the <ignoreResultFailures> configuration setting to true to make the plugin ignore the failures and continue executing everything else.

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