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Recently, when my game tries to change to another scene, it all freezes. Xcode only reports this:

cocos2d: deallocing <CCScheduler: 0x5a9800>

I am rather unsure about why is it happening. I have placed some breakpoints, and it seems to be stuck at

CCARRAY_FOREACH(children_, child)
    child.parent = nil;

Which is code from the CCNode dealloc method. Although I still can't tell what's up.

This question: cocos2D deallocing CCScheduler seems to be having a similar problem as mine. However, as far as I can tell, I've never done anything touch-related recently as he mentions in his answer.

What might be causing this problem? I realize I can't ask you to tell me what is causing it, but a clue is more than enough.

cocos2d-iphone, 1.0.1, iPhone 4.

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... I was using [[CCDirector sharedDirector]popScene] when transferring instead of replaceScene. If I'm not mistaken, there really is no other CCScene on a higher tier.

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