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Is it possible to add a custom control to the Document Type? Suppose i couldn't create a multiselect or just a simple textfield control. How could i create a custom one and use that from the Document Type page in Umbraco?

If this is possible, then what steps need to be taken? Because i can add all sorts of config information in the Document Type controls that currently exist in there. Like, when i add a textfield i can gvie it a name, an alias and a validation message (and it has some others options).

Do i have to build the custom Document Type control in a specific way? And how is it saved to the database? How does Umbraco handle that?

Any information on this matter is more than welcome!

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Since adding custom document types is native to Umbraco, and judging by the description in your question, I'm going to assume that you are talking about adding custom data types with user controls.

If so, check some of the following links on the subject, it's actually fairly simple:

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