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I'm building a Wordpress plugin that sets up a custom post type, and it all seems to be working fine and dandy. However, I have an activation hook that should (in theory at least) set up my permalinks and flush my rewrite rules, but it doesn't work:

register_activation_hook( __FILE__, 'foodsafety_activate' );

function foodsafety_activate() {
  global $wp_rewrite;
  $wp_rewrite->add_rewrite_tag("%inspection%", '([^/]+)', "inspection=");
  $wp_rewrite->add_permastruct('inspection', $inspection_structure, false);    

If I go into Settings > Permalinks and hit 'Save changes' the rules get flushed and the permalinks work as expected, so I must be going wrong somewhere with the activation hook. Any ideas?

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Did you copied all your function code? Because, it seems that $inspection_structure is empty..

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Ah, you're right. I copied and pasted the code from somewhere without thinking! It does seem that add_permastruct isn't too well documented though. Any ideas as to what should be put there? –  Pezholio Nov 13 '12 at 13:33

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